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The Bible, an X-acto knife and success!

A few months ago I sat down to look over the articles in the In Touch magazine. Naturally I had JUST finished looking at my “read through the Bible in a year” checklist and was reminded of just HOW far off my schedule I was. I say “naturally” because that’s how the Holy Spirit works, in a very real and personal way. So seconds before I sat looking at my checklist thinking, “Well, I know I’ll read through the Bible, but it’s going to take me 2 years….maybe even 3 at this rate.” (Yes, I know that there isn’t anything wrong with taking 2-3 years to read through the Bible, but I wanted to read through it in one, is that too much to ask???) and then, seconds later, I was flipping through the In Touch magazine looking at an article about reading through my Bible… LESS than a year! I dove into the article and within a week Jeremy and I were cutting and gluing as we crafted my new Bible, or Bibles….lol 

(Please excuse my poor photgraphy. I really don’t have a creative bone in my body….I actually don’t even think that I have a creative nerve! lol)

This was my original “read through the Bible” guide….hmmmmm….not too successful, right :/

Although the benefit were the notes that Jeremy would leave me as a way of encouragement! 😀

This is the 1st of 4 books that I have broken the Bible into. I started a few weeks and I’m ready to begin Ruth. I LOVE it! I love that I’m not bouncing between the Old and New Testament, I love that it’s portable, and (as silly as it may sound) I love that it’s free of notes because I don’t get hung up STUDYING. Instead I take notes for things I want to study later and I JUST READ. It’s perfect for me.

Here is a picture of all four books…………again, nothing fancy, but it makes me smile :o)



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