Musings & Moments

The Presence of God in our Lives

Tonight as I sit down on my cozy bed after having spent minimal time with family and much too much time at work I am worn. I am worn from raising a daughter who is bent on sin. I am worn from not spending time with my youngest daughter, who seems to be growing up so much faster now that I am not spending every day with her. I am worn in not having time with my husband. I am worn from strain at work. I am worn from being financially strained, even though we are sacrificing and working with great diligence. I am worn from dealing with a very contentious ex wife who purposes at every turn to keep my step-daughter from us, or to completely manipulate her against us. I am worn. And while I don’t recall a time that I questioned God’s presence I have had days in which the hurts and struggles ran so deep that it was hard to face the day ahead………and sometimes I need to be reminded that….

in ALL of that AND MORE, God is ALIVE! He IS on the throne and HE IS aware!

God is FAITHFUL, He is just and He is involved. And fortunately, God’s Word says the SAME EXACT THING!

God’s Word is very clear about God’s presence in our lives….

Genesis 17:1 God is behind us to back us up

Deuteronomy 13:4 God is in front of us to guide us

Psalm 91:1 God is above us to protect us

Deuteronomy 33:27 God is below us to support us

Genesis 5:24, 6:19; Psalm 16:8; Job 23:9 God is beside us to fellowship with us

Colossians 1:27; Galatians 2:20 God is in me

Psalm 34:7 God is all around us

So while I am worn and even weary, I am also wrapped in the arms of Christ and now need to decide who I am going to serve and focus my thoughts and heart on. When I am focused on life’s problems I am weighed down, very weighed down. However, when I purpose to focus on God’s presence in my life I am able to rest in Him. So while I don’t have all of the answers, nor will I ever, I do know that my God is with me at all times and I chose to wearily rest in Him until my burdens are light…not because life became easy, but because He became my all.


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