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Lunch in a Montessori Classroom

Do you remember your school cafeteria? I do! Mine was LOUD! Even a bit chaotic. I remember teacher aids yelling at us, and us yelling at one another while eating (literally, yelling across the tables with food in our mouths). It was awful and sadly it hasn’t changed much. Even in many private schools children are hauled into a large room for communal eating that has no resemblance to the actual expectations or culture in which we live. Odd, right?

Well, things are a bit different in a Montessori classroom. In our community, children remain in the classroom for lunch (yes, with their teachers too!). They wash the tables, set out place mats, use utensils, dim the lights, and hold lovely conversation while sharing in a meal. It is delightful. It is real. It aligns with what parents should expect at home. Did I mention that it’s delightful? It really is.

Here are some pictures (I am not a great photographer, which I apologize for) of some lunch settings. Keep in mind, this is a 6-9 classroom! 🙂

Notice there aren’t any napkins….they are on their laps! This is daily practice with grace and courtesy as children prepare for, participate in, and clean up from lunch.


IMG_1474 IMG_1467


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