Musings & Moments

Grace in the daily grime

Let me be honest here, I can be a bit intense, and lately I have been personally and intimately challenged by the Lord to begin learning how to glorify Him in the daily trials. And let me say that today specifically it was kind of a whatintheworldjusthappenedandwhyiamtellinganotherpersonoffkindaday!

So here it goes, an up close and personal snippet of my inner battle:

6:30am late wake up to a text from my mom, not a big deal, but suddenly aware of how much hasn’t gotten accomplished while I was sleeping

6:45am I walk downstairs to ask Jeremy about his thoughts regarding the text, babysitting, Hannah situation (not worthy of even a 2 second explanation). His reply doesn’t help (sorry, honey, a rare moment indeed!) and I nervously reply on my own while guzzling my first cup of coffee.

7:00 Annalee wakes, any possibility of serenity is shot

7:15 unintentional guilt-trip text received, shared with Jeremy, bickering commences (#letthegoodtimesroll)

8:00 I call Jeremy who has now left for work to continue bickering, because I don’t know how to leave well enough alone #prayformyhubby #maybeabittoohonest

930 leave for art class with Annalee asking me for the 5,000th time if I’m happy. #doilookhappy!?

10-12 the most serene part of my day. Thank you, Keri, for today’s art class!

12:30-1:30 Jeremy called, Annalee ate lunch and the napping process began, which KILLS me. Getting Annalee down for any nap is about as painful and time consuming as giving birth to her. It takes an hour and a half to her her take an hour nap #isthisevenworthit

2:30 I wake up from trying to get Annalee down and am totally irritated at the time lost. This is painful. And there are too many voicemails from too many people that need to be addressed now.

3:00 I drop to my knees knowing that the real issue, the heart of this issue, is that I did not begin my day with the Lord. I woke up late. I began the day rushed and focused on the things of this world. I never determined to glorify God, to edify my family and to show the love of Christ through the trials of the day. Naturally that should be the intent of all Christians; however, if time is not set apart, if we are not purposeful in this effort, if we do not intentionally communion with our Savior and Redeemer then the possibility of glorifying Him becomes almost impossible.

As I sat there, considering my views, frustrations, speech and conduct my heart was broken. I have the gift of laying down with my youngest daughter twice a day while rubbing her back #mostpreciousmoments. I have a mom who loves the Lord, her family and her daughter to pieces. I should be honoring her in all moments. Yes, I also have a rebellious hard-hearted teen who breaks my heart at times, but I also serve a faithful God who can captivate her heart. #Godisfaithful #IwilltrustinmySavior Lastly, I serve the God whose grace is new any moment that we are willing to surrender our broken spirits to His will. Thank you, Jesus! May you always be my all in all!



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