Secret Prayer Sister: The Best Yes

The Best Yes, week 1 (2/7/16)


Good Morning!

It has been such a blessing to see the cards and small tokens left on the table, and to know that you are faithfully praying for one another.

This week we are reading chapter 1 in The Best Yes. It is only six pages, and offers a humorous introduction filled with simple truth. We hope you enjoy it!

As you read, consider today’s ponderings from Lysa (anything “block quoted” is directly from the study guide):

Psalm 111:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

Head knowledge of the fear of the Lord:

  • Fear: There are two Hebrew words for “fear” in the Bible. One is “pachad”, which means terror. That’s not the word used in this verse. The word used is “yir’ah”, which means a reverence for God.  “The expression describes that reverential attitude of holy fear which man, when his heart is set aright, observes toward God” (Matthew Henry Commentary). To observe toward God is to look for the hand of God in everything.   When we have a reverential attitude and look for the hand of God in everything, we start seeing things from the perspective of wisdom. This becomes our focus.

  • Lord: I need to anchor my heart to the Lord so I can set my heart to the wisdom of God. Jesus is “the power of God and the wisdom of God” 1 Corinthians 1:24

  • Once Jesus is the Lord of our heart and the focus of our heart, we have unlocked the door to obtaining God’s wisdom.

It is through Biblical wisdom that we are able to make decisions with the consideration of our faithfulness to God, allowing our lives to emulate the love of Jesus and the testimony that He has for us.

Please, please, please comment below with any thoughts you had while reading chapter one. I am using this site as a means to keep those who are not on Facebook connected to the reflections on the SPS group. This may mean double posting, and if you have the time, that would be great! ;D

…..Later this week, I will post the “heart knowledge of the fear of the Lord”  ;D



4 thoughts on “The Best Yes, week 1 (2/7/16)

  1. First off I can sympathize..I have always thought drive thrus should have the menu set back so you can decide what to have before you get to the speaker. What stress to try to read the menu while the cars start to line up! First World problem I know, but this is my life. 🙂 …ok so I love the first chapter…I feel guilty when I want to say no I can’t this time. I always feel like I’m lazy or selfish. Reading this chapter made me think of MIke’s message on Sunday about how we each have a gift and even if several people have the same gift as me , they are NOT ME. They will serve their way and I will serve mine. “A Best Yes is you playing your part. If you know it and believe it you’ll live it.” I pray that I can grow closer to the Lord and truly know my gift(s) and live it.

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    1. Yes! Mike’s messages have been so timely as we consider how we should be serving so that we are glorifying God! The “I struggle” paragraph on pg. 3 felt as if I was reading my own heart/mind too. All too often I say yes to the wrong things for the wrong reasons, considering the moment or isolating the request; instead I need to stop to ask myself if my answer will allow my decision to bring God glory.


  2. As I read chapter 1, I considered the way to see God’s hand in everything. Ilness seems to plague our lives and the lives around us. Our earthly bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and yet they fail us. Yet God’s plan for us is to see His hand in ALL things. So can I demonstrate strength during illness, confidence in illness, and even the joy of the Lord in illness? Consider Job – cast out, covered with boils and seeking relief from the heat of the day under a plant that withered. Yet Job did not doubt that God was with him in all things. My suffering is small in comparison to that of my Savior who suffered and died on the cross for a lowly wretch such as me. I can use the times of illness to better appreciate the times of health, to be a testimony to those who are also ill, and to take the opportunity to slow down and draw closer to God. We wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine as much if there weren’t snow!

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